LIVE Interview WITH Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor & Marlene Allen

Do You Have A Mission To Raise The Frequency And Consciousness Of The Planet, But Find Technology Often Fails You Right When You're About To Step Forward With A Major Project?

Discover How To Get Rid Of Technology Gremlins So Your Online Efforts Flow Toward Sales & Not Sabotage

Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor Interviews Marlene Allen, The Path Illuminator For Messengers About The Weird And Strange Stuff That Happens With Technology




Here's what you are going to get enlightened on in this interview:

  • 1

    Why site crashes or hacking can occur, right when you're about to launch or have something important to do fast;

  • 2

    The REAL reason behind Internet connection failures just as you are about to lead a webinar, podcast, or important session with a client;

  • 3

    The dynamic behind the Internet becoming excruciatingly slow when you need to get things done fast; or Things just spin and you have no access to your files;

  • 4

    Why emails and files go mysteriously missing one minute then appear in the next;

  • 5

    Why your lead generation pages generate leads one moment then mysteriously stop for now logical reason.

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Nicola Grace
The Mission Mentor

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Get the 411 on why technology can hold you back, even sabotage your online marketing, at a time you need it the most, PLUS what to do about it.